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Sustainability Meets Integrity

High-Quality Beef Raised With Care


About Caldwell Farms

Caldwell Farm and Land was established in 1896 by TJ Cochran.  Now, Stephen and Susannah Goodman, the fifth generation, oversee the farm while raising their son, Mason.     

Integrity, longevity and quality beef is at the forefront of everything we strive for.  Since 1896, we have focused on innovation while consistently producing high-quality beef for consumers.  We pride ourselves on our 125-year legacy, as well as our beef brand - Caldwell Farms Beef.


Because we understand the importance of "local," our beef is raised, processed and shipped to consumers within a 50-mile radius of our farm. Caldwell Farms beef is Black Angus sired, Non-Hormone Treated, Verified Natural and CARE Certified, all of which is verified by a third-party verification company so consumers can feel confident in what they're buying.

Caldwell Farms is registered with the
National Historical Society as a Centennial Farm, and was awarded the 2019 Georgia Cattlemen’s Association Producer of the Year award



Caldwell Farms Beef for your family's table

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